The Integrative Healing Pathway is a mentorship and treatment journey tailored for each being. This is designed to combine various tools and healing modalities to serve as support towards deep healing and spiritual advancement. This allows for the opportunity to heal from a full-spectrum perspective.

This pathway begins with your intentions and goals, and spirals out intuitively from there. I believe that healing is a non-linear process and intersects the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual planes. Modalities may include: compassionate listening, holistic coaching, bodywork, energy healing, meditation/breath work instruction, inner child therapy, nutritional suggestions and movement therapy.

Silhouette of woman meditating in yoga position on the top. Mixed media

This process is suited for those seeking to:

deeply heal by releasing emotional wounds and trauma

honestly identify limiting beliefs and thoughts

empower yourself by applying the necessary changes and tools to help you become more aligned with your highest potential

awaken/deepen innate intuitive abilities

train in self-mastery

be happy ūüôā ‚Ķauthentically

cultivate self-love

understand yourself on a deeper level

bring the fragmented aspects of self into wholeness

Consistency is the magic behind this pathway, as it takes commitment to our healing journey to unravel the layers of who we WERE to finally connect with who we are BECOMING. A certain level of vulnerability, sincerity and patience is required to embark into the shadows of ourself. Healing unfolds within it’s own timing, and cannot be rushed. For this reason, trust in the process is extremely helpful. Certain aspects are revealed within our consciousness, when we are ready to see it. Treating each circumstance or event as if it holds an impeccable purpose and possible catalytic energy can allow us to see beneath the veil of our own illusions and propel us further into our healing pathway.

I ask that we please commit to at least 3 months.

Please contact me for more details. Financial exchange varies on what we design together!