energy medicine potential benefits:

natural pain relief or reduction (or, especially with regard to chronic pain relief, transformation of relationship to pain)

managing stress and coping with stressful situations becomes easier

immune system health is improved--you have greater resistance to illness and heal faster from sickness and injury

deep relaxation response (with all the attendant physical and psychological benefits that relaxation brings—this is so important!)

greater sense of emotional wellness

deep sense of peace and calm

resolution of or transformation of relationship to problem people or situations

release of deep, chronic muscle tension

relief of anxiety

relief from and improved resistance to chronic mild depression

enhanced creativity, creative production, and problem solving

enhanced personal insight

accelerated person growth and/or spiritual evolution

emotional release and healing

enhanced mental clarity

release of blocked energy

chakra healing, balancing, and clearing

balancing of energy


healing and elevating life experiences

support for development of personal essence/path/deepest intentions

energy medicine treatment

Galaxy a system of millions or billions of stars, together with gas and dust, held together by gravitational attraction.

Quantum Physics & Ancient Truths

According to quantum physics, we are part of a vast, invisible field of energy, which contains all possible realities and responds to our thoughts and our feelings. This is an ancient truth that our ancestors learned how to navigate and utilize as a healing modality. Our body contains a bio-electromagnetic field, currents and centers. Our energetic systems can become discordant, blocked, excessive or deficient - resulting in a decline of health and well-being. Energy healing creates the potential to release blockages and create a coherent, harmonized bio-energetic system.



A Japanese healing technique in which universal energy is channeled through the practitioner and transmitted to the receiver via intentional touch or hands above the body. The intention is to restore balance and harmony within all aspects of our being. Reiki raises the vibration of the body and assists in healing and clearing energetic pathways. This experience is deeply soothing, relaxing and therapeutic as it creates energetic flow improving physical health, emotional balance and mental clarity.

Smudging with Violet Flower and Purple Shamrock


On a day to day basis we are intersecting with electromagnetic fields that may become bonded to us, leaving us drained, tired and stressed out. This can especially occur for the empathic/sensitive ones that pick up energy, emotions and thoughts from others. This can also happen just from simply living a modern life in the hustle and bustle of it all. Our energetic body can become dull and even dysfunctional from taking on energies that do not belong to us. I utilize different energetic and shamanic techniques to cleanse and purify foreign energies. This serves as a reset and can result in clarity and feeling “lighter”.


Chakra Alignment

Ancient Yogic Philosophy teaches us about the chakras - which translates to wheel or disc. The chakras are intelligent bio-energetic centers that correspond to physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual aspects of our being. These centers receive, assimilate and express life force energy, and each is connected to specific attributes.

Each chakra can become deficient or excessive, resulting in imbalance, which affects the function and health of all of the other chakras and overall flow of energy in the body. Through chakra alignment we are able to tap into, assess and unpack the layers that lie within each center. This may be an intense experience as we begin to excavate areas of the self that need deep healing and are preventing the chakra to function at its highest potential.

We may need several sessions to bring the chakra system into equilibrium as it houses all of our experiences, belief systems, limiting thought patterns, trauma, emotions and physical imbalances. This recorded information may also stem from past-life experiences and karmic ties. Healing this system can result in re-establishing our self-healing capabilities and cultivate peace, compassion, love and happiness.