Melissa Desofi

My receptivity to the unseen began at a young age. Born into a lineage of “healers”, a deep curiosity was sparked within me about alternative forms of healing. This spark inevitably led me down an infinite pathway of studying the intricacies of the human body, psyche and spirit. I feel passionate about utilizing ancient healing modalities to assist and support my clients in becoming reconnected to their own intuitive guidance system. My intensive studies, formally and independently; coupled with the wisdom that arises from experiencing my own inner truth as a result of applying what I have learned; creates the conditions to offer insight, education and experiences that come from an authentic source.

I believe that mindful touch could be considered a language of compassion. The body is a holistic organism, intelligent and designed to strive for optimal health. Everything that we experience is held and recorded in our body; even experiences we have long forgotten about such as childhood wounds, everyday stress, illness, injury, emotional turmoil etc. This makes bodywork and energy healing a potential catalyst for releasing long-held imbalances. I feel passionate about creating the right conditions for the human being to flourish.

I serve as a Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner, Energetic Alchemist, Movement Artist and Wellness/Spiritual Mentor.

I Am Love.


Training & Qualifications

NYS Licensed Massage Therapist - 2013

Certified Reiki Practitioner - 2014

Associates Degree in Massage Therapy - Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences - 2013

Advanced Shiatsu with Ohashi - 2013-2015

Private Thai Massage Training (Private Instructor - Ryoko Ado) - 6 Months

Shamanic Hawaiian Lomi Lomi - 2018 with Tom from Sacred Temple Lomi

Energy Work Private Tutorials - 2018 with Janine Strenta

Ascension Mastery Training - 2015 to present with Christine and Mike Hayden

Therapeutic Thai Massage with Suriyan, Chiang Mai, Thailand 2019 (60 Hours)

Advanced Dynamic Thai Massage with Till, Chiang Mai, Thailand - 2019 (30 hours)