Lumi Naí Azha

I am a highly intuitive and passionate licensed massage therapist, energy healer and movement artist. Born into a lineage of healers, I embody my innate gifts. I possess an infinite reservoir of curiosity, which leads me to continually refine and enhance my skills and wisdom.

I graduated from the Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences in 2013, where I fell in love with the intricacies of human anatomy and the poetry that lies deeply embedded within Eastern Medicine. Since then, I have traveled the world to humbly receive education and training from various masters and teachers. I have devoted my life to extensively experiencing and studying diverse techniques, approaches and cultures.

I feel honored and committed to restoring ancient healing practices in union with modern day health discoveries to assist my clients re-establish balance in their bodies and souls.

I have a profound connection with Great Spirit and Nature. I utilize its forces to teach me and guide me so that I may serve humanity and the Planet at my highest potential. Gratitude is my constant attitude and I am enlivened to share my medicine with you!


Training & Qualifications


Guarani Energy Healing/Shamanic Reiki Master intiated by Brisa Alegre, Brazil 2020

Deep Tissue Course with Sebestien, São Paulo, Brazil 2019

Advanced Dynamic Thai Massage with Till, Chiang Mai, Thailand - 2019 (30 hours)

Therapeutic Thai Massage with Suriyan, Chiang Mai, Thailand 2019 (60 Hours)

Ascension Mastery Training - 2015 to present with Christine and Mike Hayden

Energy Work Private Tutorials - 2018 with Janine Strenta

Shamanic Hawaiian Lomi Lomi - 2018 with Tom from Sacred Temple Lomi

Private Thai Massage Training (Private Instructor - Ryoko Ado) - 6 Months

Advanced Shiatsu with Ohashi - 2013-2015

Associates Degree in Massage Therapy - Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences - 2013

Certified Reiki Practitioner - 2014

NYS Licensed Massage Therapist - 2013